1989 Caterpillar E110 Excavator. This is a One Owner Excavator with 7980 Hours. It has been Fleet Owned and Maintained and according to the owner it is an Excellent machine! The Engine is Completely Rebuilt 10 Hours ago! The Two Main Cylinders on the Stick and Bucket have just been Repacked. It comes with a 46″ Dig Bucket, a 5′ TILT Bucket and Large Thumb 22″ wide and 4′ long. Hydraulic plumbing can be diverted by a switch on the Boom. The Undercarriage is a 70% and There is NO Play on the Turn Table! This Excavator is 8′ 4″ Wide, 10′ Height and 25′ Long and weighs around 27 to 28,000 LBS. This is a Lot of Excavator for the Money! 509-370-0295 Stock A1396