20 Ton BCM Horizontal Hornet Log Splitters 4x24 4x30 4x36 6' High H Beam 6' High Double Chisel OVER and UNDER Dual Splitter Universal Skid Loader Mount Inverted (down blade) Model for moving and breaking down the big stuff, also taking apart and sorting tangled piles. Unique pocket to position. Sharp wedge cuts through the normally unsplitable. Originally designed for the bundle wood industry. Twister's Industrial grade HORNET LOG SPLITTERS are designed for tough applications in horizontal position. An attractive finish provides the finest protection available and rigid quality control and component testing help ensure years of productive reliable service. * Rugged, heavy duty construction for years of reliable service. * Rigid quality control during manufacturing for greater reliability. * Design for use in horizontal operating positions. * Painted finish for the best appearance and weather protection. * Factory testing of all major components and hydraulic tank. * Year-round manufacturing, parts and support. See Attached photos for full brochure. Contact Chuck for pricing and options.